28 07 08

Marcelo Expósito: First of May (the City-Factory)

Now available for private purchase: the DVD edition of "First of May (the City-Factory)", first video of "Between Dreams", a video-series by Marcelo Expósito. This video opens a dialogue with the concept of "virtuosity" used by the political philosopher Paolo Virno to describe new figures of labour as well as certain emergent trends of political action.

From the film "Berlin, Symphony of a City" (1927) to MayDay (the annual First of May of the precarious workers, filmed in Milan in 2003), this video traces how the transition from fordism to post-fordism has been projected onto the modern city (focusing on Lingotto, Fiat's historical plant in Turin, as a case study), explores modes of representing the transformation of labour force, and recounts the reversal of its exploitation (via the experiences in communicative direct action and self-organization of the metropolitan social precariat undertaken by the Italian collective Chainworkers).

First of May (The City Factory) / Primero de Mayo (la ciudad-fábrica)

60 min - 2004 - castellano / english - 10€

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Marcelo Expósito: First of May (the City-Factory)