20 03 08

New Issue on "Critique and Truth"

Chto Delat

In cooperation with the Russian-English language magazine Chto Delat (based in Petersburg and Moscow) has published a new issue entitled Critique and Truth. It could be seen as a set of theoretical texts regarding the recent issue Basta on local pre-electorial protests in Russia, and concerns the "critical class" and its conditions of production. In how far can this class and its criticality claim to produce the truth?
After a series of special issues, this issue returns to Chto Delat's discussion of the theories and practices of resistance in cultural production. Authors include Oxana Timofeeva, David Riff, Artemy Magun, Igor Chubarov, Keti Chukhrov, Prelom kolektiv, Alexander Bikbov, and Dmitry Vilensky.

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