28 07 07

Leaving for Utopia

“If others can see it as I have seen it, then it may be called a vision rather that a dream."
                        Last line from art activist William Morris’s utopian novel “News from Nowhere.”

Dear fellow travellers, part time Utopians and full time realistic dreamers

As some of you might already know we are about to leave on our “Paths Through Utopias” project.  For 7 months we will be travelling through Europe in search of Utopian ways of living despite capitalism. Our trip will take us from low impact permaculture communities in Devon to an occupied factory in Serbia, from a squatted hamlet in France to a German eco village practising with free love.

Out of the trip will appear a book (a travelogue), a film ( a fake post crash documentary) as well as a series of workshops. Today we launched a new web site where we will be blogging the whole experience so you can follow our journey -

Any Utopia must begin with resistance and so our trip begins at this years Camp for Climate Action ( ) , which will take place between the 14th to 21st of August near Heathrow airport. This year’s camp promises to be a key moment in the grass roots struggles for climate justice and against the absurdity of airport expansion.  If any of you want to come to say goodbye to us what better place to do it than in a field filled with fellow rebels, circus tents and windmills. The sites first blog is already up and may well inspire you to come camping - !

Yours John, Isa and the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination.