26 07 07

Euromayday goes documenta

A notorious “Enough is enough!” surrounds precarious people - nothing changes, though. But Enough is not enough!

Euromayday Hamburg invites you to the campaign ‘Enough is (not) Enough!’

This campaign is a project in process. The first step of this campaign is the documenta12. Within the last weeks we have talked to numerous janitors, trainees, cultural workers, supervisors, securities, knowledge workers. We are particularly interested in the precarious arrangements we all agree to in our everyday lives. Exhaustion and enthusiasm, dullness and lack of time were issues mentioned many times during the interviews. Taking the interviews as initial point we’ll present a first text which we want to discuss and edit with the participants of the interviews and all other interested. Five Open Editing events will be held for this purpose.

We trace the promise of precarity – we want to make visible desires and conflicts of people in insecure labour conditions and living conditions – in order to establish a basis for things to change.

Timetable in Kassel during the documenta XII

Thursday, 26th of July, 8 pm
Ready for the campaign Enough is (not) enough! & Open Editing I*
with Euromayday Hamburg & Friends from Kassel
at 'Salon des Refusés' (former police headquarter, Königstor 31)

Friday, 27th of July, 8 pm
Open Editing II
with Kleines postfordistisches Drama (KpD) (a play of words with the initials of the historical communist party of germany)
at A.R.M./Lolita Bar (Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22)

Saturday, 28th of July, 3 pm
Workshop 'Precarious Pictures'
with Marion von Osten and Klaus Ronneberger
The crisis of the labour movement also is a crisis of its pictures.

While precarious conditions of work increase, not only the patterns of struggle have become questionable: Also the classical pictures of workers can hardly depict the exhaustion, the strain or the potential strength of McJobbers and the fictitiously self-employed. In this matter the Euromayday parades, which took place in several European cities in the past years, experimented with forms of visibility. Accordingly, we want to discuss possible ways of making precarious working and living conditions visible for activist purposes. What forms of invisibility come into being at the same time? What kinds points of contact between political activism and artistic strategies are there?

at Kulturzentrum Schlachthof (Mombachstraße 12)

Monday, 30th of July, 6 pm
Open Editing III Drittes with Jeffrey Raffo (ORKA - Organizing + campaigning) and Karl-Heinz Rosenhövel (Board of Unemployed, Kassel)
at ver.di (Kölnische Straße 81)

Tuesday, 31th of July, 8 pm
Open Editing IV
with malmoe (Schöne Seiten, schlechte Zeiten - Wien)
Kulturzentrum Schlachthof (Mombachstraße 12)

Wednesday, 1st of August, 2.30 pm
Open Editing V
with Intermittents du spectacle (Paris) and Willi Hajek
at 'documenta-Halle' (Du-Ry-Straße 1)

Thursday, 2nd of August, 8 pm
Film ('Les Intermittents du Spectacle') und Discussion with Intermittents

The movement of the Intermittents du spectacle (Paris) was established in summer 2003. Actors and actresses, sound engineers and stage designers blocked several culture festivals as a reaction to massive cutbacks in social benefits. The film is a documentary of the assemblies and blockades of this summer. Afterwards there will be a discussion with the activists about what happened since.

A.R.M./Lolita Bar (Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22)