26 01 06


Tristestópicos is a critical project focusing on the process of construction and circulation of the imaginaries of the Latin America within different European geographical locations.

Using a mixed strategy of documentation and analysis of the cultural relations between Europe and Latin America, Tristestópicos claims to reconsider the symbolic place where both territorialities negotiate their always-moving imaginaries.

Considering visual and artistic practices, the project reflects how the immaterial realities of Europe and Latin America are intersected, what they have in common and where the boundaries are until it is possible to narrow the gap between them.

The main axes of research and inflection of Tristestópicos are the policies of representation, on the one hand, and the legitimizing practices through cultural narrations, on the other. Therefore, Tristestópicos tries to visualize as well as to criticise the curatorial, mediatic, urbanistic and territorial strategies, which people and institutions use to give form to the Latin American imaginaries.

Tristestópicos aims to be a project which reflects, on an alternative way, current issues as identity’s comprehension, cultural diversity, aesthetic policies and territoriality of Latin America.

Tristestópicos is coordinated by Joaquin BARRIENDOS, Cristián GÓMEZ and Paulina VARAS.

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