16 12 05

EuroMovements - Activist Research Reflections

Another framework of and for social transformation

Euromovements - A research network formed in association with the European Social Forum. Euromovents has done an online compilation of more than 50 texts and resources on activist research reflection.

newsletter on activist research reflection:

Euromovenents is an European network aiming to systematize the knowledge generated by the process of confluence of social movements at Europe, and especially through the European Social Forum information source. The Action Research Network is a space for the experiment of activist research applied to the most recent confluence process of social movements at Europe and particularly to the ESF and surroundings process. Its aim is to systematize the information and knowledge generated by this process to create tools and useful guides for social transformation in Europe. Also the project aims to generate a confluence space on activist research at Europe, for that the research is developed by a network of groups in different places in Europe.

Resources: directory of collectives at Europe; map of European networks; chronology of European mobilizations, etc.