16 12 05

Journal of Aesthetics and Protest

"236 pages of radicality" - a self-description

The fourth issue of The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, an LA-based publication, has been released. It is Paperback and includes "236 pages of radicality".

The Journal, aware of the possibilities of the boundless moment, searches for ways to think through the cultural and political ramifications of representation. In word and aspiration, The Journal dreams toward a world that differs from "a celebration of the choice already made in the sphere of production, and the consummate result of that choice." Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle, New York 1994, p 13.

*The fourth issue of the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest has been most difficult to put together.*

We are dancing in the dark. Tough luck kids. In January 2005, we held a dark mass and wailed. We are now dark energy. Darkness has shifted with this ever-expanding fucked-up system. Our dearly held agendas and assumptions- once truisms- are now suspect. How can we work in this glue gloom?

On May 13, 2004 cultural production in 5 cities in the Center of the United States just stopped. The towns themselves didn’t seem to notice, their TV’s still brought in moving images, their radios still played the programmed music. It was unclear if the disappearance was a coordinated act of refusal, or if the producers were taken away. It is unclear whether similar events have occurred elsewhere. Are they dead? Have they disappeared, are they dead or are they in hiding?

To be more specific, here you can some of the online articles of the current issues including webspecials: