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Prácticas artísticas, estéticas y políticas

Brumaria is an artists' project devoted to the construction of a space for study and reflection on artistic, social, and political practices, with the aim of translating, organising, editing, and circulating theoretical-practical materials which could help to reflect on contemporary experimentation in the crossroads of art, political, and social practices.

Starting in summer 2002, the magazine, published in spanish language, printed in volumes, and usually organised in monographic sections, has focused on a diversity of topics like globalization and global resistance, cinema as an arqueology of history, grammars and tools of the new political subjectivities, empire/multitudes, the "museum" and cultural industry at the times of neoliberal policies, metropolitan precariat, the republic of the multitude..., and critical revisions of contemporary art practices and histories of spanish art from the 60s.

Contributors include subjects who are theoretically and politically active at different levels and positions, implicated in a variety of critical activities from institutional critique to artivism or social-political autonomous practice: Franco Berardi Bifo, Brian Holmes, Kaja Silverman, Zeigam Azizov, Antonio Negri, Douglas Crimp, Cristina Vega, Jesús Carrillo, Hans Haacke, Hal Foster, Narcís Selles, Laura Baigorri, Joseba Zulaika, Andrea Tiddi, Chainworkers, Precarias a la Deriva, Yomango, Beatriz Preciado, Paolo Virno, Luther Blissett...

Last issue, number 5, Arte: la imaginación política radical (Art: radical political imagination), published in summer 2005, is a monograph on the contemporary intersections of art, political practice, and activism, structured in seven sections: (1) new institutional and cultural critique, (2) new figures of engagement, (3) excess, exodus, (4) autonomy, non-state public sphere, (5) co-operative work, general intellect, (6) shaping protest, (7) cartographies, diagrammatic histories. Contributors: Alice Creischer, Andreas Siekmann, Ana Longoni, Marius Babias, Marion von Osten, Gerald Raunig, Joaquín Barriendos, Tristestópicos, George Yúdice, Colectivo Situaciones, Marta Malo de Molina, Brian Holmes, Éric Alliez, Maurizio Lazzarato, Katja Diefenbach, Franco Berardi Bifo, Paolo Virno, What How & for Whom, Gini Müller, Etcétera, Grupo de Arte Callejero (GAC), Dee Dee Halleck, Hito Steyerl, Marion Hamm, José Pérez de Lama, Pablo de Soto, Vicente Escolar...

Those texts are in most part published on-line in multilingual edition at, with whom the publication was co-produced.

Besides, Brumaria distributes regularly by e-mail the series Documentos Brumaria, which are accesible on-line in the magazine's website.