Capital (It Fails Us Now)

Capital (It Fails Us Now) is a group show exploring the notion of capital, taking point of departure along dual lines; on the one hand location, and on the other subjectivity; how capitalism affects our daily lives, our very structure of feelings and perceptions. Capital understood as an economic tool, as a measure of exchange and surplus, and as something at once regulated and regulating (by both state and market), as well as a producer of subjectivity (the commodification of everything).

Participating artists:
Michael Blum, Andrea Creutz, Copenhagen Free University, Regina Dold, Maria Eichhorn, Katia Fouquet, Florian Gass, Stephan Geene, Ashley Hunt, Susan Kelly & Stephen Morton, Marietta Kesting, Oliver Ressler, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Katya Sander, Fia Stina Sandlund, Jason Simon, What Is To Be Done?, Elin Wikström, Knut Åsdam.

The exhibition was held at:
UKS in Oslo, Norway between 8 Oct and 6 Nov 2005 (see: UKS homepage) and Tallinna Kunstihoone in Tallinn, Estonia between 7 Jan and 19 Feb 2006 (see: kunstihone website)

Curated by Simon Sheikh. Produced by NIFCA, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art (, in collaboration with Kunstihoone in Tallinn, Estonia, and UKS in Oslo, Norway.

A book including artistic contributions and essays from Will Bradley, Katja Diefenbach, Stephan Geene, Brian Holmes, Trude Iversen, Oleg Kireev, Isabell Lorey, Gerald Raunig and Natascha Sadr Haghighian is published by b_books.