Allan Kaprow

Art as Life

Allan Kaprow
Kunst als leven – Art as Life

10 February - 22 April 2007

Vanabbe Museum, Eindhoven
The Van Abbemuseum, in association with Haus der Kunst in Munich, is organising the first major solo display in Europe of American artist Allan Kaprow’s work, which will trace his artistic output over the past 50 years. Kaprow, father of  the ‘happening’ and the most famous unknown artist died in April 2006. We are extremely grateful for the fact that the artist was still able to work intensively on the preparations for this exhibition.

The exhibition consists of paintings, drawings, sculptures, objects, collages and assemblages as well as scores, texts, correspondence, books, photographs, videos and reconstructions of earlier works, including the restaging of early performances and happenings. The public can participate in these happenings ( Kaprow’s oeuvre will be shown in conjunction with works and archive material of similar-minded artists.

Exhibition concept:
Eva Meyer-Hermann and Stephanie Rosenthal.

Van Abbemuseum exhibition curator: Eva Meyer-Hermann

In association with Haus der Kunst, Munich.