Mary O’Neill

has worked in educational publishing for 19 years. A bilingual lexicographer (French <--> English) at Oxford University Press at the outset, she then managed the development of multilingual databases for major language-technology clients and prepared dictionary and reference material for Oxford Reference Online. She works as a freelance editor/translator/project manager. She also delivers training courses in business writing. In 2005, travel publishers Cadogan Guides published her children’s guide to Ireland.


The Misfortunes of the “Artistic Critique” and of Cultural Employment
(Maurizio Lazzarato)

Who are the greatest critics of the elk today
(Hakan Gürses)

The Machine
(Maurizio Lazzarato)

Conceptualizing autonomy, localizing instituting?
(Jens Kastner)

The Political Form of Coordination
(Maurizio Lazzarato)

Critique and Category
(Isabell Lorey)

Virtuosos of freedom
(Isabell Lorey)

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