Aileen Derieg

born in Tucson, Arizona, USA, studied theology at the University of San Francisco and the University of Innsbruck; lives in Linz since 1985 and works as a translator with an emphasis on contemporary art and new media:


geboren in Tucson, Arizona, USA, studierte Theologie an der University of San Franscisco und an der Universitaet Innsbruck; lebt seit 1985 in Linz und arbeitet als Uebersetzerin mit Schwerpunkt Zeitgenoessische Kunst und Neue Medien:


nacida en Tucson, Arizona (EEUU), estudió teología en las universidades de San Francisco e Innsbruck. Vive en Linz desde 1985 y su trabajo como traductora se dirige sobre todo al campo del arte contemporáneo y los nuevos medios:

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· Tech Women Crashing Computers and Preconceptions
Tech Women Crashing Computers and Preconceptions

· Tech-Frauen bringen Computer und Vorurteile zum Abstürzen
· Las cosas pueden romperse
Mujeres tekis que desguazan ordenadores e ideas preconcebidas


Attempt to Think the Plebeian
(Isabell Lorey)

Experiences Without Me or the Uncanny Grin of Precarity
(Brigitta Kuster / Vassilis Tsianos)

A Few Fragments on Machines
(Gerald Raunig)

The Precarization of Cultural Producers and the Missing "Good Life"

Instituent Practices
(Gerald Raunig)

The Enterprise of the Art Institution in Late Capitalism
(Nina Möntmann)

Anti-Canonization. The Differential Knowledge of Institutional Critique
(Stefan Nowotny)

What is Critique?
(Gerald Raunig)

Commentary on the Text by Branka Ćurčić
(Boris Buden)

The Double Meaning of Destitution
(Stefan Nowotny)

On Police Ghosts and Multitudinous Monsters
(Stefan Nowotny, Gerald Raunig)

The Dream of the Governable City
(Isabell Lorey)

Instituting and Distributing
(Gerald Raunig)

On the international colonial exhibition in Paris 1931
(Brigitta Kuster)

On the Question of the Transformation of the Elite in Eastern Europe
(Ljubomir Bratić)

Instituent Practices, No. 2
(Gerald Raunig)

Destituting, Instituting, Constituting ... and the De/Formative Power of Affective Investment
(Alice Pechriggl)

eventum et medium. Event and Orgiastic Representation in Media Activism
(Gerald Raunig)

Bicycle Machines
(Gerald Raunig)

Artistic Internationalism and Institutional Critique
(Jens Kastner)

Notes on Cre-activity
(Stefan Nowotny)

Just don't over-politicize! or: Design Instead of Institutional Critique

Paradoxical Critique
(Ulf Wuggenig)

Resistance and Organization in Postfordism
(Robert Foltin)

Steps for Fleeing from Work to Action
(Alice Creischer / Andreas Siekmann)

Critique and Truth
(Alex Demirović)

Modifying the Grammar. Paolo Virno’s Works on Virtuosity and Exodus

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