Sezgin Boynik

(1977) lives in Prizren and Istanbul. Teaches Sociology in Prishtina University, Department of Turkology. Finished his master thesis on ‘Aesthetical Political Strategies of Situationist International’ in 2003 in Mimar Sinan University Institute of Social Research. Edited isuues of art-ist contemporary art magazine, on Situationists (2004), Finnish Radcal Art (2005). Participated in many conferences like Punk Kongress, Kassel; Serious Pop, Vienna; Klartext, Berlin and contributed to many journals and publications on radical political movements, on nationalism and on punk.
Recently co-edited book “Nationalism and Contemporary Art – critical reader” (by MM publication, Prishtina), ‘Ters Takla : Punk and Underground in Turkey 1980’s and 90’s” (forthcoming from BAS publication, Istanbul) and “ Public Turn in Contemporary Art” (forthcoming Santral, Bilgi University, Istanbul).

transform/transversal documents

· The Principle of Secrecy and the Difficulty of Institutional Critique in Kosovo
· Kosova’da Gizlilik Prensibi ve Kurumları Eleştirmekteki Zorluk
· Das Prinzip der Verschwiegenheit und die Schwierigkeit von Institutionskritik im Kosovo

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