Arianna Bove

is an independent researcher in philosophy, involved in the making of, where her research, articles and translations can be found. She has translated many works from Italian and French, including texts by Althusser, Foucault, Negri, Bifo, Virno, and others. Her recent translations have appeared in A. Negri, Books For Burning: Between Civil War and Democracy in 1970s Italy (Verso, 2005) and T. Murphy and A. Mustapha (eds) The Philosophy of Antonio Negri. Resistance in Practice (Pluto, 2005).


The insurgence of European precariat

The pathologies of hyper-expression
(Franco Berardi aka Bifo)

Logic and Theory of Inquiry
(Antonio Negri)

Socialist uses of workers’ inquiry
(Raniero Panzieri, 1965)

Wit and Innovation
(Paolo Virno)

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